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Health and Safety Consultancy and Training Services

We are your local experts for health, safety and wellbeing. We deliver our services under a monthly retention fee, which is based on the type of occupational risks within your organisation and the number of employees. We call this the Core Services Plan.

Please go to the Recommendations page see feedback from my customers.  I welcome informal enquiries and will meet at your convenience to discuss your requirements, without obligation.

For details of costs of not managing health and safety and learn more about why good H&S is good for business, please see Further information page.

What is a Competent Person?

Core Health, Safety and Wellbeing

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a competent person is: “someone who has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities that allow them to assist you properly.

Safety and Health 1st can provide your organisation with all its health and safety consultancy and training requirements, and act as your organisation’s ‘competent person for health and safety’.

Core Services Plan

Fire Risk Assessment

Health and Safety 1st Fire Risk Assessment

Health and Safety Training

The objective of the Core Services Plan is to achieve legal compliance as a minimum for your organisation and prevent the uninsured losses associated with occupational ill-health, workplace accidents, staff absenteeism, bad publicity, non-compliance under Statute law (prosecutions, fines, legal fees etc) and Civil law claims for compensation.

As a registered Fire Risk Assessor with the Fire Protection Association, Safety and Health 1st can complete your Fire Risk Assessment as required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire & Safety) Order 2005 (known as the ‘Fire Safety Order’).  When this came into force in October 2006, all previous fire legislation was repealed.

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