Fire Risk Assessment

Health and Safety 1st Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

As a registered Fire Risk Assessor with the Fire Protection Association, Safety and Health 1st can complete your Fire Risk Assessment as required under the Regulatory Reform (Fire & Safety) Order 2005 (known as the ‘Fire Safety Order’).  When this came into force in October 2006, all previous fire legislation was repealed.

The Fire Safety Order

The Fire Safety Order introduced new legislation, based on risk assessment placing the responsibility and legal ‘duty-of-care‘ with the ‘responsible person‘ (e.g. Employer / Owner / Occupier / Landlord or those in control of premises) to take such general fire precautions as will ensure the safety of his employees, and in the case of relevant persons not in his employ, to ensure the premises are safe.

The Legal Duties

The legal duties placed upon the ‘responsible person‘ are detailed in the Fire Safety Order, but in summary the key requirements are:

  • To make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks
  • Any preventative or protective measures must follow these principles: –

Avoiding risks
Evaluating risks that cannot be avoided
Combating risks at source
Adapting to technical progress
Replacing the dangerous with non-dangerous or less dangerous
Developing a coherent policy which covers the organisation of work, technology and factors relating to the work environment
Giving collective protective measures priority over individual protective measures
Giving appropriate information to employees
Effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of protective and preventative measures and record them

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